Our 2018 Platform:

“NO” to a Punitive and Ineffective CARBON TAX

This tax punishes farmers, families, and businesses while doing nothing to address issues of real pollution. We will repeal Wynne’s disastrous policy and use Provincial sovereignty to oppose Justin Trudeau forcing it on us.

Real Hydro Relief

The other parties only offer band-aid solutions that force us all to pay more down the road. Our children will pay the price of their plans. Ontario Party is the only one that promises to end the disastrous Wynne FIT contracts which will bring real relief and reduce your bill by up to 75%.

Respect for Parents and Restore Good Education

The Ontario Party is committed to an immediate repeal of the dangerous and age inappropriate sex-ed package forced on parents under the Wynne Liberals.

End the Debt! Respect tax payer's money

Ontario pays $1,000,000,000 a MONTH just on INTEREST!
We will end the massive government over-reach and ensure efficiencies to balance the books immediately. All savings will go to eliminate our debt. Once achieved, taxes will drop 25%

Respect the Voter and Democracy - No whipped votes

No matter the issue, we can only improve and grow if we are willing to respect the will of the voter. Whipped votes, rigged nominations, and top down decisions will end under an Ontario Party government!