Ontario Party - Charter and Declaration of Principles


  • We the Citizens of the Province of Ontario…
  • Acknowledging the Supremacy of God, the Rule of Law, and justness;
  • Affirming the Unity of the Dominion of Canada under the Crown;
  • Guided by a sincere desire to promote the common good of the people of Ontario, present and future, while respecting the inherited wisdom and sacrifice of previous generations embodied in our culture and traditions;
  • Do hereby found the Ontario Party to promote and provide responsible government of the Province of Ontario in accordance with the following principles:

Declaration of Principles

  1.  We believe in the ethical, responsible and accountable execution of the business of government which, in a free and democratic society, is to secure the life, liberty and property of the people through the prudent development and judicious enforcement of sensible laws and policies;
  2.  We believe in limited government and the indispensable role that autonomous institutions such as church, family and other voluntary associations play in maintaining those limits by balancing and diffusing the power of the state;
  3.  We recognize the natural family as the basic building block of a free and democratic society and the place where healthy and responsible citizens are formed. We believe in honouring parents and respecting the common-sense values they choose to live and raise their children by;
  4.  We acknowledge that the people may choose for the government, as a secondary role, to provide essential services where the private sector is unable to do so. We reject, however, the practice of government monopolization of such services except in cases where monopoly is demonstrably necessary for the safe and efficient delivery and/or operation of that service;
  5.  Subject to reasonable limits designed to deter incitement to violence against people or property, we believe in freedom of conscience and worship, freedom of speech, freedom of association and the principle of equality before the law;
  6.  We acknowledge that a responsible government might be compelled, from time to time, to adopt budgets that are not balanced. We reject, however, the practice of accumulating public debt through regular budget deficits, and the passing on of that debt to future generations, as a violation of the principle of no taxation without representation. We also reject the practice of regularly submitting surplus budgets as over-taxation;
  7.  We reject the divisive politics of envy and resentment that has come to dominate contemporary public discourse. We believe that government should encourage independence, celebrate hard work and inspire personal success, because it is only through personal success that wealth is created, communities thrive, and our province flourishes.
  8.  We believe in the good stewardship of our natural environment which includes its responsible exploration and development as well as its renewal and conservation, both of which are vital to improving the economic well-being and quality of life of all Ontarians; and
  9.  We believe in a decentralized government that respects regional balance and empowers local government to develop and execute policies that reflect the needs and concerns of the citizens of those regions.