Thomas Mooney

Riding: Guelph


Twitter: @ON_ThomasMooney

Facebook: @Mooney4Guelph

      Since first coming to Guelph on his own as a teen, Thomas Mooney has been an active member of his community, despite tragic life events. In 1997, a fire in an adjoining unit forced him and his family to move to move from his Guelph home to Cambridge over the Christmas holidays. In the summer of 1998, he married a Guelph girl only to lose her in a tragic car accident on the following Valentine’s Day weekend.

      Mooney has faced various tragedies and struggles throughout his entire life. He understands what it means to do without, and to wonder if there will be enough to cover the household needs. With a single income household, and as a single parent, Mooney has strong concern for the future of Ontario, and the effect that it will have on his children and grandchildren. He is proof that with perseverance and hard work, you can get through the challenges that life throws at you by staying true and strong.

      Mooney has always been one to help when help was needed. Throughout the years, Mooney has been involved with Emergency Preparedness planning, the Red Cross as a crisis responder, a board member of the Guelph CVP (Community Volunteer Patrol) and formerly a volunteer fire fighter. All of these reflect and attest to the great personal values he holds.

Thomas Mooney will bring that strength and integrity to Queens Park, and be the voice of the people.